New for Dashboard: Enterprise Integrations for GitHub and GitLab

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This release at a glance:

  • Integrations with GitHub and GitLab Enterprise source control are now available in Cypress Dashboard
  • Business and Enterprise plan customers can self-install the integrations from Dashboard's Integrations page
  • The new integrations deliver test run feedback directly in on-prem instances of the popular source control platforms

Connect Cypress Dashboard directly to your on-prem GitHub and GitLab Enterprise source control

We are excited to share new integrations for Cypress Dashboard. The integrations automatically track and expose Cypress test results with every code commit to GitHub Enterprise and GitLab Self-managed source control, providing test results within developers' preferred source control solution. Developers can view test summaries in GitHub Enterprise and GitLab Self-managed, easily navigating to Cypress Dashboard for detailed performance and debugging information about each test.

In the absence of enterprise integrations for GitHub and GitLab, developers must track and reconcile which code commits result in failed or passing test results themselves. This is especially challenging in development organizations where developers frequently push a high volume of code changes. As a result, it becomes increasingly possible that problematic code passes unseen through CI pipelines and is merged into user-facing applications.

Cypress Dashboard's new integrations for GitHub Enterprise and GitLab Self-managed source control mean that organizations can de-risk their CI pipelines by providing full test result context in source control. After completing the self-service integrations, results from each Cypress test will be displayed with each code commit in source control. Test results are also displayed in source control alongside each pull request or merge request. From here, developers can easily navigate directly from source control to more context about each test result in Cypress Dashboard.

Cypress Dashboard's new integrations for GitHub and GitLab are available to customers on Business and Enterprise plans. These self-service integrations can be found and installed from Cypress Dashboard's Integrations page. Integration takes only minutes and the installation experience will be familiar to Cypress Dashboard users who are already using Cypress's existing integrations with GitHub and GitLab cloud offerings.

Current Cypress Dashboard customers who would like to learn more about upgrading from Free or Team plans can contact their Customer Success Manager for more information, or upgrade directly from Cypress Dashboard. For more information about Cypress Dashboard pricing and frequently asked questions, please visit

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