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Testing HTML Emails using Cypress

In this blog post, we will use a local SMTP server to receive emails sent by the app to the user. We will test the HTML emails to make sure they look and work correctly. Note: you can find the source code shown in this blog post at cypress-email-example and watch a video explaining the testing proce…

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Testing deployed GitLab pages using Cypress and GitLab CI

In this blog post we will deploy a static site to GitLab Pages, and then we will run end-to-end browser tests against the deployed site to make sure it is working as expected. The Cypress Test Runner makes it extremely simple to write full browser end-to-end (E2E) tests, while GitLab CI is a powerfu…

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Make Cypress Videos Look Old School

Recently, we introduced a trial feature called experimentalRunEvents that simplifies running Node code before or after executing a spec file. Inside your plugin file you can add event hooks to perform operations that need OS access. For example, you could: initialize the database before all tests st…

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